Sunday, November 21, 2010

New Traditions

Can you believe Thanksgiving is just a few days away? I know, me neither!

Growing up and through graduate school, Thanksgiving was not complete for me until I had my Granddaddy's pecan pie. No one...and I mean no one...could make a nut filled pie like that man could!

My Grandfather was a father figure to me. The world lost one of its great heroes when he passed away in 2000. But, life changes, and mine has changed a lot. I often wonder what the man who could make the most incredible nut-filled desserts would think of my nut free life today. I have no doubt his love of Tyler would eclipse what he could do with a nut in the kitchen.

As I carry on the tradition my Grandfather established, I now cook and host Thanksgiving at my home. His love of cooking was contagious and I caught the bug in the worst way.

New challenges (like nut allergies) seem devastating when you discover them. They threaten the very core of your family traditions.

Do you know what that means? It's time for new traditions!

Last year, I made Sunbutter cookies for Thanksgiving. (You should have seen the looks I got at first because they looked just like peanut butter cookies!) They were such a hit, I've decided to make them a new tradition in our home.

New recipes are also are fun! Pumpkin pie seems too boring this year. So I'm uping stakes and making a Pumpkin Cream Pie. Will it become a tradition? Who knows? But I'm experimenting. I'll never know unless I try.

My sister in law makes a cookie that was loaded with peanut butter chips before peanut allergies entered our lives. She still makes them, only with butterscotch chips. They're very tasty and a way to keep an old tradition with a new twist.

Growing up, we never heard of nut allergies in our family. Each sweet treat I remember from the holidays had some form of nut in it. But, were my Grandfather alive today, I feel confident he would be all for establishing new traditions to keep the holidays safe for my son.

If your family is not to this point yet, be patient. As with most things in life, change is a process. Don't expect changes over night. But, when they come, you might find you like them better than the original!!


Jessica said...

This is our first holiday season with my daughter's peanut allergy. it's been a little sad to almost get the traditional stuff and then remember she can't have it, but at least at 2 yrs old she doesn't know what she's missing :)
For me the hardest part has been getting family members to take responsibility for reading labels themselves. hopefully that gets better.. :)

Amy said...

Love the post! It definitely is challenging to find allergy-friendly recipes that everyone enjoys.