Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cake Mixes

I received the following question from a reader:

Robyn, can you share which mixes you have found to be unsafe (other than the ones labeled with nuts of course). Thanks!
First of all, I will say many parents of PA kids bake their cakes from scratch. Deciding to use a mix is certainly a comfort level issue. Since Tyler was allergic to milk and eggs for his first 3 years, it has been a treat for all of us to be able to use cake mixes once in a while with him.

Instead of telling you all of the ones I don't use, I will tell you what I do use: Betty Crocker and Pillsbury mixes. The research I have done on the boards and conversations I have had with other parents with kids nut allergies has helped me make this decision. Again, do you own research and do what feels best to you.

You will notice, however, I did not mention Duncan Hines. I read a couple of different places that the company advises people with nut allergies not to consume their products. Then, a friend of mine said she actually contacted the company and they said their products are labeled if they are not safe. So, she allows her PA kid to eat Duncan Hines.

My line of thinking is that since I have a question about it and your answer can depend on who you happen to talk to on the phone, I just avoid it. Since I have 2 I trust, there is no need for me to add another one I feel a little less comfortable.

Again, do you own research and determine what is in your comfort level.

Do some of you use other commercial brands? I would love to hear about them, particularly if you have contacted the company about their safety. Or, ones you will not use?

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I want to apologize for the lack of post lately! Last week I did not feel well. Then, this week we had serious computer problems. We have a new computer now and I think we are back up and running.

For the person that left a comment a week or so ago about Epi trainers and where to obtain them, please send me an e-mail (address on sidebar) and I will make sure you get one.

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Anonymous said...

I just called Dunkin Hines asking about their labeling regarding food allergy, peanut specifically. The woman told me that none of their facilities are peanut free and that they are in the process of updating their labeling with regard to cross contamination. She advised me against purchasing their products at this time.