Friday, October 17, 2008

Some Peanut Free Snacks

Once in a while I view how people found this blog. The most common way people have found this it is by googling "Peanut free snacks" or something similar. I have not had a comprehensive list for them to view and feel bad.

When you are first diagnosed (as I'm sure many of these viewers are), you think there are so many things you child cannot eat. While this is true, once you settle into a routine with a peanut allergy, you actually find there are a ton of things they can eat.

I compiled a list that is certainly not exhaustive. It is just a few of the fun snacks I allow Tyler to eat.

Ice Cream & Frozen Treats
Breyer's (simple flavors like chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry)
Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream (double check these labels because some are processed with peanuts -Tyler likes "Cherry Garcia")
Flavor Ice popsicles

Oreo (Nabisco)
Lorna Doone (Nabisco)
Rice Crispy Treats (plain variety)
Vanilla Wafers (Great Value Brand)

Graham crackers (Keebler, Honey Maid or Great Value brand)
Gold Fish (Cheese flavored)
Ritz (plain)

Jelly Beans (Gimbal's or Starburst brand)
Laffy Taffy
Fruit Snacks (Kellog's)
Tootsie Rolls

Other Snacks
Air-popped popcorn (plain or with butter)
Fresh fruits and vegetables (obviously the best choice for any snack!!)
Pop-Tarts (Kellog's or Great Value brand)
Yogurt (Breyer's or Yoplait's fruit-flavored children's variety)
Fruit Snacks (Kellog's brand)

Doritos's (all varieties I have found are safe)
Pringles (all varieties I have found are safe)
Lay's or Great Value Potato Chips (all varieties I have found are safe)
Rold Gold Pretzels

Frosted Mini Wheats (Kellog's or Malt o Meal brand)
Raisin Bran (Post brand)

You may have noticed that I use the "Great Value" brand a lot. That is Wal-Mart's generic brand and they have excellent labeling. Many things that not safe for PA but those that are a great in taste and price! I love generics when they are safe.

Always, always double check labels. Many foods are made in different facilities around the country under different conditions.

These are the foods that fit into our comfort zone. We try to have a pretty tight comfort zone. I know that not everyone will agree for a variety of reasons but I think having some sort of list for those new to PA is important.

For those of you new to the PA life, I hope this gives you a starting point as you seek to find some safe foods for your child.

If you have a safe snack that your child love, leave a comment so that other will know that it is another option.


Tanya said...

I just found your blog today. Thank you so much for sharing all your info --- great site!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your list. Do you have any suggestions for pre-packaged baked goods, cupcakes (ie, Tastykake)? I would like to feel comfortable with a special treat for birthday parties when I don't have time to make my own.

Thanks again!

Jane Anne said...

I enjoyed reading your list. The items are SO familiar to me. I would like to emphasize (like you did already) to always, always check labels. We ran into a situation a few years ago where a product that had been safe changed their production and was no longer safe. We didn't realize this until after my child ate it at our church (we had approved the brand for them) and then had hives for 4 days (it contained "traces").

Jen C. said...

The Meijer brand also has good labeling. They usually don't contain peanuts (except for the bakery--nothing is safe there). Meijer also has a good affordable organic line. I get Meijer organic canned ravioli and spaghetti o's, TLC Original 7 Grain Crackers, raisins are great too.

Anonymous said...

Are only the cheese-flavored gold fish safe? I'm new to this! Thank you for all your wonderful posts ~ they are so helpful for us that are just learning!

Robyn A. said...

Hi "Anonymous." I just haven't researched anything other than the cheese flavored ones. I'm sure there are others. I just offered that as a suggestion. I don't think I put this, but we eat Cheez-it's, too.

Thanks for the question!

Jennifer said...

This is a great list!!!

Thank you so much for sharing it.


Anonymous said...

If you look in the health food section at most grocery stores, there are a number of brands that are safe. Some of our favorites are Earth's Best, Annie's, Enjoy Life, and several others. These are things we ate before we found out about our PA, so there hasn't been a big change in our house. I'm a huge health nut, so I've always read labels.

Jennifer B said...

I have mixed feelings about "safe foods lists". Our new allergist says we must avoid foods made in a facility that uses any tree nuts or peanuts. It is really difficult to get a straight answer from the biggest manufacturers. They always say they label for the top 8 (well, everyone has to!) but then it is hard to pin down whether or not tree nuts or peanuts are used on the same machines. Frustrating!

Anonymous said...

If you check the Frito Lay website it lists both Doritos and Fritos as item to AVOID if you have a peanut allergy:

Robyn A. said... has very contradictory information. They state not to use the products but then also state that they will label for cross contamination.

Everyone should make their own decision. My experience is that many companies will state not to eat their products just to avoid legal liability. But, if they truly do label for cross contamination, I do not have an issue with them. Again, everyone should make their own decision.

tld said...

Namaste and Cherrybrook Kitchen - Both brands have cake mixes, muffin mixes, cookie mixes, frostings etc. They also happen to be gluten free, soy free, tree free, dairy free etc.!

Also Enjoy Life brand has all kinds of products that are peanut free.

Anonymous said...

Watch for some of these.My son has a peanut allergy and tried the Lorna Doone cookies this weekend for the first time. Broke out in hives. Must be a cross contamination thing as he's been tested for a soy allergy and that's the allergen listed.

Anonymous said...

If you are only dealing with nut allergies - FRESH FRUIT - Grapes, Apples, Oranges, Strawberries, Blue Berries, Raisins etc. CHEESE - "string" cheese and mild to medium cheddar cheese sticks or wedges - Read the entire label not just the bottom where they list allergens - sometimes "processed on equipment that also processes nut products" is listed on the top of the label no where near the list of allergens!

Anonymous said...

What about any tastykake snacks? (i have a peanut allergy