Friday, October 3, 2008

Just Say No To Sunflower Seeds...For Now

Somtimes I really miss a few things I induldged in before Tyler's diagnosis. I can make a list a mile long, but one of those things is trail mix. I can't find one that is safe so I decided last week to make my own.

Naturally, I ran into a problem when it came to nuts. Peanuts and tree nuts aren't even allowed in our house. I can't break my own rule. So, I decided to try soy nuts and sunflower seeds as subsitutes. (If you've never tried roasted soy nuts, they taste a lot like peanuts. I love them!!) I found both of these that I thought would be safe for Tyler at Whole Foods.

Then I got looking at the sunflower seed. Tyler has never tried them. I bought the shelled kind but I kept seeing the shell and thinking how, in my own mind, they grew in a similar way to peanuts.

So, I called the allergist for his advice.

I love our allergist. He's very cautious, unlike our last allergist who gave Tyler peanut butter in June without doing a skin test. (I shudder just typing that...).

Within thirty minutes of me expressing my concerns to the allergist's receptionist, the doctor called me back personally. I expressed my concerns and he agreed with me. We decided to test him at his February appointment before he tries any sunflower seeds. He told me there is not a commercial serum for this but I can just bring Sunbutter and he will make his own.

How wonderful is this doctor?

Unfortunately, the soy nuts have sunflower oil on them so Tyler can't have them right now either. I'm not scared to have these things in the house and I still plan to make a trail mix out of them. I just can't share it with Tyler...yet.


Lisa said...

Our 3.5 year old son is allergic to many foods, but most severely peanuts and eggs. We recently purchased sunbutter as a substitute for nutbutters and he had an obvious allergic reaction. I'll be interested to know how your son's test turns out. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Maybe he was reacting to the cane sugar in the sunbutter, not the the sunflower seeds. I can tolerate sunflower seeds as an alternative to my peanut allergy, but cane sugar makes my heart race and my face swell.

Good luck!

Gina said...

Somehow I missed this last year. My daughter is allergic to peanuts so my husband and I would use Sunbutter...then one day I gave some to our younger son when he was around 2. He reacted. He has since been tested a couple of times (he's 3.5 now) and his skin test was very positive. I hear that this allergy is still rare but getting more prevelant. Although he does seem to do ok with the oil.
Was Tyler ever tested? For anyone allergic be careful, I found Sunflower seeds in breadcrumbs. Thankfully they were labeled for it in the allergy statement or I may have missed it!

Robyn A. said...

Hi Gina. Actually Tyler was tested about a week and a half ago. He passed. I will be having a post coming up soon on it. I'm so sorry your son reacted. Have you tried soy nut butter? Its pretty good.

Anonymous said...

I am seeking other sunflower seed allergy patients and would like to discuss cross reactivity possibilities. Please find me on linkedin, my name is Lina Grigaitis. I've heard of mugwort and tarragon. Are these valid? Anything else?

Anonymous said...

really want to know what happened.